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School Counselor

Natalie Salazar-Cottle, LPC, M.A.

Greetings Tres Volcanes Community Collaborative School!  I am here to tell you a little bit about school counseling, and what a school counselor does.  A school counselor is here to provide all students with support in the areas of academics, career, and personal growth within the school.


How can school counseling help?

School counseling can help all students talk about their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.  Doing this can help students and the school counselor to work together, and come up with some ideas that will help students be successful at school.  Being successful in school is a great goal!



If you need to see a school counselor, you can fill out a form that is in the counselor's wait area on the front desk and put it under her door.  You can also let the school counselor know you need to talk and the counselor will see you as soon as possible.  Parents are always welcome to call the school counselor directly if they have any questions or concerns.


Risk and Benefit

Counseling can bring up some emotions and feelings that may make a student feel uncomfortable and that's ok!  It is actually a part of the counseling and healing process.  Talking about the problem is the first step in getting help for it.  The school counselor is here to help empower students to set goals, problem solve, and work together with students so they can achieve their goals.

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